Handheld Rock Drills

Atlas Copco Handheld hydraulic Rock Drill



Handheld Hydraulic Rock Drills 

This lightweight tool is designed for drilling blast, anchor and rock-splitting holes. Used for example by contractors, armies and utilities who want convenient  and efficient drilling without large compressors. With standard integral steel, it Drill ameters of up to 50 mm (2") and depths down to approx. 6 m (33 ft)by using hydraulic power for impact and rotation. A small additional compressor is needed for flushing.



Pneumatic Hand Drills

Rock Drill Sales offers a wide range of pneumatic rock drill solutions. This items range from push leg drill, T- handle drills, and underground and surface drills

Atlas Copco Pneumatic hand drills

Atlas Copco petrol driven drill



Petrol Driven Drills

Atlas Copco’s petrol driven drill and breakers cover a wide range of applications like splitting rocks, breaking concrete, cutting asphalt, tamping ballast and more. All without the need for power packs or cables. The Cobra Combi is not only a self-contained breaker, it’s a powerful drill as well. It can sink holes to the depth of 2 metres, and drill up to 30 cm per minute in solid granite.