Rock Drill Bits

Atlas Copco Secoroc has a comprehensive range of DTH drill bits that have been designed to match all conceivable applications. Each bit, made from quality tungsten carbide steel, is precision machined to produce a perfect body. They are then heat-treated to the right hardness, facilitating excellent surface compression and fatigue resistance. Manufactured in-house, each bit is finally fitted with the required shape and sized buttons. We offer five basic bit designs: Convex, Flat front, SpeedBit, Concave, and Rocket Bit. These are designed for all types of rock, whether hard or soft, abrasive or fractured. Contact us today for more information or to request a free quote.


      Tophammer Bits

Atlas Copco Serococ Tophammer Drill Bits at Rock Drill Sales


             DTH Bits

                Atlas Copco Serococ Down the Hole Drill Bits at Rock Drill Sales

     PDC Drill Bits

Atlas Copco Secoroc's PDC drill bits at Rock Drill Sales

            Rotary Bits 

         Atlas Copco Secoroc Rotary Drill Bits at Rock Drill Sales

             Bit Thirds                                                
           Atlas Copco Pilot Bits and Hole Openers at Rock Drill Sales   



Atlas Copco Symmetrix Odex Bits for Overburden Drilling at Rock Drill Sales