Environmental Drilling

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Environmental Drilling

Environmental Drilling is used to determine the existence of contamination in soil or groundwater. Discrete undisturbed soil and groundwater samples are recovered from the subsurface in order to evaluate, monitor, and re-mediate contamination impacting the environment.

Environmental drilling, sampling is generally done for phase II, and phase III environmental assessments of commercial, government. and residential properties. By drilling through the soils and/or through the desired water table(s), investigations of the soil and water can be done to determine the presence and/or concentration of contaminants.

Environmental Drilling examines subsurface soil, rock and water for contaminant impact typically found in industrial areas, landfills and fuel stations. Environmental drilling is critical for site investigation and remediation. This process closely scrutinizes the quality of soil and groundwater before, during, and after geotechnical and water well drilling. Soil core and rock core sampling and the establishment of monitoring wells allow for the close monitoring of potential contaminants and hazardous substances, while services like well abandonment assist with the reclamation of resources and seal off potential pollutants.

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