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Atlas Copco Exploration Drilling Equipment at Rock Drill Sales.

Epiroc in-the-hole Drilling Tools

Epiroc Geotechnical Drilling and Exploration drilling, GDE, can offer the equipment needed for all underground and surface exploration applications. This includes rigs and a full range of high tech and high quality products, ITH equipment such as wire line, drill rods and conventional core barrels as well as casing and diamond bits – all designed to maximize our customers´ profitability.

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Epiroc Excore

An exploration driller’s livelihood is dependent upon the efficiency of his drilling equipment. Core in the box determines the drilling company’s revenues and the driller’s compensation. That’s why drillers are always looking for diamond drill bits with faster penetration rates and longer service life. At Atlas Copco, we have developed a new product range based on the latest in diamond drill bit technology – the Excore.

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Diamec core drilling rigs

Epiroc is probably the most experienced core drilling company on the market today. Our expertise and innovative solutions have helped companies worldwide to mine profitably. The Diamec™ range of drill rigs offers just the user-friendly solutions needed, along with the latest in exploration technology and productivity.