Epiroc / Atlas Cocpo Utility & Power Pole Drilling

Epiroc / Atlas Cocpo Utility & Power Pole Drilling

Epiroc / Atlas Copco is an industry leader in all types of rock and earth drills, and our Atlas Copco utility pole and power pole drills are no exception! When your auger just can't get the job done, a pressure digger like the Epiroc / Atlas Copco's PPD 120 will help you and your crew dig deeper.

Meet the Epiroc / Atlas Copco PPD 120 Utility Pressure Drill 

Efficiency and power combine to make the ultimate pressure drilling solution for vertical pole  drilling. When coupled with a portable compressor and a digger derrick truck, there is no job that this drill can't tackle. The PPD 120 features include:
  • Easily coupled with most utility derrick platforms that have suitable rotation power and hoist capacity
  • Pin connections allow for quick and simple assembly, break-down, cleaning and service
  • Maximum drilling depth of 84" (inches), able to drill to 156" (inches) with optional extension rod
  • Minimum rotation torque of 6000 ft/lbs. (foot pounds) 
  • Minimum Air Requirements: 804scfm at 100psi and 1028scfm at 125psi
  • Able to create clean power pole or utility pole sockets in hard rock much more efficiently than auguring and much safer than blasting methods
  • Allows rapid creation of multiple utility pole or power pole sockets

View the Epiroc Catalog:  PPD120 Utility Power Pole Drill


Want to see the PPD 120 Utility Pole & Power Pole Drill in Action? 

At Rock Drill Sales, we believe that the best way for us to know our products inside and out is to test them. As a customer, we know you want to see the rock drill products you're interested in purchasing "in action." This video shows the Atlas Copco PPD 120 Utility Pole & Power Pole Drill cutting through dense rock and earth to make a perfect socket for a utility pole or power pole installation.

Contact RDS and Upgrade Your Digging Crew to the 21st Century!

If your utility pole or power pole drilling crews aren't utilizing the Atlas Copco PPD 120, then you're simply wasting time, effort and money. Upgrade your drilling operations today and get the job done quicker and safer. Rock Drill Sales offers global shipping. Wherever your digging operation takes you, we can get the right Atlas Copco tools to you!

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