Water Well & Geothermal Drilling

Water Well & Geothermal Drilling

Water Well Drilling

Water well drills are designed to penetrate the earth's surface to the aquifers below and allow the water to flow into contained areas or wells. The water is then routed into the home. Water wells generally consist of a larger diameter, cased and sealed surface portion, followed by a drilled well bore. Typical depths are 70-250 meters at 4.5"- 6.5" diameter.

For smaller family run companies, the ideal hammer will last as long as possible with minimum maintenance. For well drilling companies with multiple rigs, performance, reliability and availability of service and support become even more important. The main interest is to keep the rig and hammer working as much as possible in order to reduce downtime between holes and interruptions while drilling.

Water well drilling with Rock Drill Sales' Atlas Copco drilling equipment.

DTH bits for water well drilling


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Geothermal Drilling

With the rising price of energy fuels, geothermal energy is becoming more attractive in some areas of the world. Extremely deep wells can be drilled to tap the hot water to drive turbines to generate electricity. It is also possible to pipe the hot water directly into facilities to heat buildings, raise water temperature for fish farming, or melt snow on runways or sidewalks.

An additional form of geothermal heat is more shallow. By exchanging the heat from a few hundred meters drill hole in rock, enough energy can be obtained to partially heat a residential home. The principal for this method builds on a small difference of temperature between the drilled hole and the surface. The geothermal deep hole can also be used for cooling purposes.

Rock drilling tools recommended for these areas include the Epiroc QL and COP series of DTH hammers.


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