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Petol Drill Pipe Tongs

Petol Drill Pipe Tongs at Rock Drill Sales

Drill pipe tongs are designed for making up and breaking out drill pipe, casing, and pneumatic drills on light rigs. These tongs are furnished as original equipment by rig manufacturers because of their ease in handling, quick application, and ability to withstand rugged use.


Bestolife® is recognized as the leader in thread compounds. It is the standard by which all thread compounds are measured. Quality, service, and dependability for more than 70 years make our name one you should count on for all your thread compound requirements. Bestolife® is the best protection money can buy!

Cal Bronze® Lead Free

It is a lead and zinc free compound for drill pipe and drill collars in light to medium duty drilling. Cal Bronze® Lead Free can also be used in water well drill pipe, casing or line pipe.

Cal Bronze spec sheet

Copper Rock spec sheet

Copper Rock

It is a non-lead, non-zinc thread compound for rock drill steel joints, couplings and bits. Copper Rock provides galling and seizing protection and surface active extreme pressure protection for coal drilling, percussion rock drilling, blast hole drilling, all rotary joints, road construction, logging, mining, pneumatic drilling and track drills.

Rock Drill Oil

Epiroc's Super-Tac rock drill oils are engineered and developed for the unique requirements of today’s high performance DHD’s.

Super Tac Rock Drill Oil