Epiroc Tricone Rotary Drill Bits

Epiroc presents the latest in tricone rotary drilling equipment! This new line of bits is well-suited for blast hole, water well, HDD and exploration drilling applications and is designed to withstand the ever-increasing forces and rotational speeds of today’s rotary drill rigs while offering market-leading performance. State-of-the-art engineering has resulted in new designs and insert shapes that facilitate excellent penetration rates in both soft rock and hard abrasive rock.

Atlas Copco Rotary Drill Bits at Rock Drill Sales.

Tricone Drill Bits
Industry Choice for Blasthole / Mining Applications

  • Optimized Cutting Surface to Distribute Load
  • Tungsten Carbide Grades and Teeth for Durability
  • Contoured Shirttail for Efficient Evacuation of Debris
  • Available in Bit Diameters from 2 1516 in. (200mm) up to 26 in. (406mm)


Workover Steel Tooth Tricone Bits
Quality Built & Made to Last

  • EPIROC designs and manufactures steel tooth bits in conventional and
    work over drill bit models
  • Available in the Bit Diameters from:
    • Conventional - 3 78 in. (98mm) to 8 12 in. (216mm)
    • Work Over - 9 78 in. (251mm) to 17 12 in. (445mm)