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Tricone Rotory Drill Bits

Rotary tricone bit

Epiroc's tricone rotary bits are well-suited for blast hole, water well, HDD and exploration drilling applications. Our state-of-the-art engineering has resulted in new designs and insert shapes that facilitate excellent penetration rates in both soft and hard abrasive rock.


Industry Choice for Blasthole / Mining Applications

  • Optimized Cutting Surface to Distribute Load

  • Tungsten Carbide Grades and Teeth for Durability

  • Contoured Shirttail for Efficient Evacuation of Debris

  • Available in Bit Diameters from 2 15⁄16 in. (200mm) up to 26 in. (406mm)

Epiroc line of top hammer bits have been specially designed to drill through almost any type of hard and abrasive rock formations. They have a superior penetration rate and substantially longer service life than their competitors, lasting up to 30% longer.

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